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ProBURN Protein

ProBURN Protein

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Product Description

ProBURN Protein is a high-quality collagen protein that supports muscle recovery and weight loss. In addition to BODYBALANCE™ collagen peptides, ProBurn Protein contains popular weight loss ingredients Synephrine, Green Tea, MCT Oil and Acetyl L-Carntine.

  • Lean Tone Collagen Protein
  • Muscle Recovery & Weight Loss
  • Furnace Matrix
  • No gluten, dairy or sugar

ProBurn Protein by PC Laboratories

Our ProBURN Protein has been built with the world's best quality proven ingredients designed to support your lean muscle and weight loss goals and contribute to tissue building, repair and recovery.

ProBURN Protein solely uses BODYBALANCE™ collagen protein peptides. This German-engineered protein has been specifically formulated to work on muscle tone and weight loss synergistically.

Our 5 Ingredient Furnace Matrix contains a powerful blend including collagen protein, synephrine, green tea, MCT Oil and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. These carefully selected components work harmoniously to maximise results, effectively supporting muscle recovery, appetite control and weight loss goals.

Level up ProBURN Protein by adding our ProGlutamine or ProCreatine Essential to your shake to enhance recovery and strength.

Recovery, Build and Burn with our delicious ProBurn Protein.

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Phatteerat T

It’s tasty, I like it