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PC Laboratories

3 Step System

3 Step System

A 30-day supply of clinically trialled and proven ingredients that work synergistically to support you on your weight loss journey.
STEP 1 - Supports Metabolism & Thermogenesis
STEP 2 - Aids breakdown of fat. Supports well-being.
STEP 3 - Pure CLA Oil. Stubborn Areas.

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STEP 1 - ProBURN Advanced 

ProBurn Advanced is a capsulated powerhouse that contains clinical ingredients that can not only support thermogenesis, enhance wakefulness, and improve energy levels but STEP 1 - ProBurn Advanced can also aid in carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Supports metabolism
  • Supports thermogenesis
  • Clean energy & focus

STEP 2 - ProALCAR+ Advanced 

ProALCAR+ Advanced is STEP 2 in the process. STEP 2 can aid with the breakdown of fat. ProALCAR+ Advanced also supports cognitive function, mood balance and well-being, which can be lacking when in a calorie deficit.

  • Aids breakdown of fat
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Supports Wellbeing

STEP 3 - ProCLA Advanced 

ProCLA Advanced is a premium conjugated linoleic acid supplement. STEP 3 is in a convenient dropper with added Australian peppermint oil. Research indicates CLA promotes fat cell apoptosis. Say goodbye to stubborn areas!

  • Pure CLA Oil
  • Stubborn Areas
  • Vegan Friendly


Essential Water Intake when using the PC Laboratories 3 Step System

Why do I need to drink water when using PC Laboratories?

When you are using the 3 Step System it is essential that you drink enough water to help remove oxidised Adipose tissue created by this system. Adequate water intake is vital to ensure continued results using the PC Laboratories products.

Recommended Water Intake: 

  • Males: 3.9L water per day.
  • Females: 2.7L water per day.


Directions for Use - Adult Dose: 

Take one STEP 1 capsule, one STEP 2 capsule and one 1ml STEP 3 dropper first thing in the morning with food and with 250-500ml of water. Take another one STEP 1 capsule, one STEP 2 capsule and one 1ml STEP 3 dropper  with lunch or before training (at least 3 hours apart) no later than 5pm or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Then take one 1ml STEP 3 dropper in the evening. 

Use STEP 1 (ProBURN) with STEP 2 (ProALCAR+) & STEP 3 (ProCLA) for best results. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Anthony P
a great combination

I have been using the tablets for a few months and combined with regular exercise and eating well, I have seen a massive difference as has everyone else. I purchased the protein this time to try it out. As I have a sweet tooth, I purchased the chocolate flavor to have at night. Mixed with water it wasn’t the best, however I mixed it with almond milk and tasted amazing, satisfying that usual craving I have for chocolate.



Warren T
Awesome Products

the 3 step fat burners are a awesome pack . I would highly recommend this product . Have been on the for over 1 week and can see a difference already .

mathew m
Fat burners

I find these effective and not get the body temp up like others

Kristen r
I lost 2kg in a month

I purposely waited to write this review to see how it went. I combined a calorie deficit and weight training to the mix and am pleasantly surprised to see some good results. I took the pills pretty religiously and stuck to my calories almost everyday and only missed taking a set of pills maybe once or twice. The weight consistently went down over the past few weeks. It’s a lot to remember but I stuck with it. The annoying thing i didnt realise until after I brought them is having to drink so much water and the timing of pills before then with food. But Now I’m into the habit and it isn’t too bad. Also drinking lots of water is easy to do now! I would recommend this but you can’t just expect the pills to work without any other effort though.